2017 Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Program

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Sign up now for our Etsy program program. Classes begin April 26, 2017  

Class schedule:
April 26 6-8pm
May 3 6-8pm
May 10, 6-8pm
May 13, 8am-12:30pm
May 17 6-8pm
May 24, 6-8pm

Craft Entrepreneurship Application for Interested Participants

  • Contact Information

  • Please provide the email address that you will use to open your online Etsy store. You will also receive your official invitation and other communications moving forward at this email address*
  • Eligibility Information

  • Craft Information

  • Personal Information

  • Skills and Knowledge

  • Email Assignment

    Please email two photos of your craft product and a short paragraph describing what you make and the materials you use to [dsilva@missionedc.com]